Church Staff and Leadership

Mark Britton

Senior Pastor
About Mark

Childhood: I was raised in a Christian family with a mom and dad who loved the Lord and taught their children to do the same. My father owned and operated a family gravel pit business and I spent much of my childhood playing there and helping with the work. I also began playing the piano at age eight, and quickly developed with my aptitude for music. Through Jr. High and High School there were many competitions and concert opportunities through my Christian School and network of churches.

Conversion: I was saved at the age of four during an evangelistic meeting I was attending with my parents. At the close of the meeting my father asked if I would like to accept Jesus as my Savior, to which I positively responded. He and the Pastor explained to me my need to be forgiven of sin and helped me with my prayer of repentance. It was a simple matter of trusting what Christ did for me on the cross. There were times in my teen years when doubts would occasionally plague my mind, but with the help of my parents and good Christian teaching, the Lord helped me to deal effectively with them. To this day I am amazed how the reality of my salvation impacts me as the Lord continues to direct and correct me through His Word. Indeed, there is a growing realization of my sin and the nature of God’s holiness that causes me to wonder as I contemplate the cross and God’s grace in my life. 

Calling: In1980, while teaching at Indiana University and developing a private piano student studio, God began to work in my heart regarding serving Him full time. I didn’t want to pursue that path, because I thought I knew the career goals I had established for myself. But as the Lord provided more and more opportunity for service in our local church, the more my heart became tender to His leading in my life. When our Pastor stopped by our house one day, he presented the idea of an internship with our church to see if God may have a ministry direction for our lives. After praying and struggling with my will, Diane and I decided we would accept the internship challenge, and God has seen fit to use us in full time work since 1980. Through thirty-five years of ministry, it has been my conviction that God powerfully uses His Word to effect spiritual change in life, and it continues to be my desire to serve Him in ministry with this focus. 

Convictions: I possess many convictions on a variety of subjects, but they all have their foundations based upon the objective truth of the Word of God. So here is the overarching conviction upon which the others are built: The printed Word of God, the Bible, is the only source of authority or insight that is available concerning God’s revelation of Himself or His will. There is, therefore, no other standard or truth that is needed or to be sought. The justification for such high emphasis on the Bible is that it is the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God, passed down through the Prophets and Apostles once for all. Therefore, exegetical teaching and preaching is absolutely essential, as this is the way to systematically understand the Scripture as it has been recorded. I believe that the “the Spirit of God uses the Word of God to make the child of God more like the Son of God.”

Chuck Berger

About Chuck

Chuck has lived his entire life in Newcomerstown. Ohio and was saved in 6th grade. He has been attending Dover Bible Church for over 25 years and was baptized there in 2002. He and Cindy, his wife have a 27-acre hobby farm with donkeys, miniature horses, dogs, and a koi pond. He loves teaching and playing with the Awana clubbers at church on Wednesday evenings

Robert Cleary

About Robert

Robert grew up in a Christian home and attended Canton Baptist Temple where he accepted Christ as his Savior at the age of 8. After high school he enlisted in the Air force where he was a computer operator. Using this training he worked various jobs as a Quality Technician. After his work brought him to Dover, he met his wife, Carole and they were married in 1987. They joined the Dover Bible Church in 1994. Robert has been the church Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer since 1997 when he set up the accounting software. Though he prefers to be in the background serving, in more recent years he led the congregational singing and over saw the Nursing Home Ministry. In his spare time Robert enjoys riding his motorcycles and hunting groundhogs.

Dave Jones

About Dave

David Jones is from eastern PA, came to Christ after a backyard Bible Club at the age of 6 and sensed a clear call to the ministry in his 5th grade year. He has served as a pastor in 4 churches over 39 years in NY, PA, and WV and is currently serving part-time as Manager of Chaplaincy Services for Stonerise Healthcare, a faith-based WV company that oversees 17 nursing facilities and 10 home health companies. He has written 7 books on Care and Finances and currently writes devotionals for Stonerise.
He met Debra at Lancaster School of the Bible and married her in 1974. They have one son, David, who with his wife, Sara, have blessed them with 3 young grandchildren and live in Dover, Ohio.

Steve Gloeckner

About Steve

Steve has attended Dover Bible Church for 35+ years and serves the Lord as a deacon, Sunday School Teacher plus he oversees maintenance and repairs. He is married to his wife, Karen and they have 2 fur babies, Cyrus and Pearl Ann.
Steve is co-owner of Blasenhauer Plumbing & Heating LLC, which keeps him very busy. In his free time he does enjoy reading, diving, hunting martial arts and theater. If you know Steve at all you will know he loves God and his country..

Ken Muckley

About Ken

Ken accepted Christ as his Savior after being witnesses to be his older brother. His brother would often quote Ephesians 2:8,9 to him. Ken was under conviction but kept thinking he needed to clean up his life first. Finally at a little Baptist Church he trusted Christ as his Savior. Ken has served in the church as a deacon, Sunday School Teacher and Nursing Home Ministries.
Ken was married to Blanche for 56 years before she went home to be with the Lord in 2018 and they have 4 adult children.

Tom Spidell

About Tom

Tom has lived in Strasburg his entire life. He served in the Army in the late 60’s and married Judy after his discharge. It wasn’t until they had been married several years and had 2 children that Judy and the children started attending Dover Bible Church.  As the children grew older, they would beg him to go to their special events at church.  He  did  end up going and he heard the gospel for the first time. The Lord worked on his heart, and he accepted Christ as his personal Savior on Easter Sunday.

Since that time he has been active at the church serving in the Sound Booth, as a Deacon and keeps the grass mowed and our grounds looked pristine.

Diane Britton

Church Secretary
About Diane

Diane accepted the Lord in Sunday School at the age of 8. From 3rd grade through High School she attended a small Christian School where she met her future husband, Mark. They became friends and eventually high school sweethearts. They were married in 1977 and proceeded to dedicate their lives to full-time Christian service. They served the Lord in 2 churches and as Awana Missionaries prior to coming to Dover. They have 8 children and 18 grandchildren.
Diane enjoys serving the Lord with her best friend and husband. After working in Veterinary field for 20 years she is now using her administration/receptionist skills in the church office. She enjoys being outside biking, hiking and swimming with Mark and their grandchildren.

Carole Cleary

Financial Secretary
About Carole

Carole was saved as an adult after she and her husband, Robert started attending Dover Bible Church in the early 1990’s. She served as church secretary for 20+ years and has been involved in the children’s and teen ministries. She currently serves as the Financial Secretary and works at the Y part-time at the Member’s Service Desk.
Carole’s favorite hobby is stitching plastic canvas and she has stitched a beautiful Christmas Village along with many gifts for others to enjoy. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her 2 granddaughters.