Charlie and Bo Frink

Appalachian Bible College
Charlie and Bo

Charlie and Bo, both Appalachian Bible College graduates and joined Appalachian Bible Fellowship in the fall of 2022. During their 40 years of marriage, God has blessed them with three children: Shiloh, Caleb, and Abigail. After serving for 33 years as church planters in New Zealand they returned to minister to churches in the US. Charlie is overjoyed to serve with a ministry that “will give me direct contact with local churches and enable me to assist and encourage them through the ministries of the College, Alpine Bible Camp, and Alpine Adventures.”

Brett and Brittni Stowe

South Africa
Brett and Brittni

After two and a half years of deputation and one baby boy (Isaiah), they arrived on the field of South Africa in March of 2019. They are serving under their Sending Ministry and church, Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indiana. In January of 2021 Brooklyn joined their family.
Their vision is to see a church planted in the central part of the city that seeks to make disciples and develop leaders for all ethnic groups withing the city. They desire to see a multi-ethnic church that is driven and grounded in the Word of God It is also their goal that this church will be able to send out leaders to plant churches around the Western Cape of South Africa and beyond!

Norma Helle


Norma has served in Mexico under Gospel Fellowship Association since 1968. As a child, migrant laborers from southern Texas harvested tomatoes on her father’s farm in northern Ohio. Working then as a teacher, she became burdened for the children of migrant workers who were below their grade level due to their parents’ constant moves. Later, Norma met Jose Lara and his family who shared their burden to train Mexican nationals to reach their own people with the Gospel. After traveling with other Bob Jone’s College students one summer to Mexico, God called Norma to teach at Mt. Horeb Bible Institute in Mexico.

Chris and Heidi Seawright

Chris and Heidi

The Seawrights having been serving the Lord under Gospel Fellowship Association since 2005 in Western Cambodia. Due to a number of factors, including Heidi’s health, the Seawrights moved to Thailand on July 26, 2017. Their heart’s desire is to seek out opportunities to evangelize and disciple Cambodian migrant workers with the goal of seeing churches established. The Seawrights are praying earnestly for another young couple to join them who will commit to learning the Thai language and culture and who desire to see disciples made and matured in the local church setting.
God has blessed the Seawrights with 5 children: Rachel (2003), Isaac (2005), Susanna (2007), Titus (2009), and Seth (2013). Their family’s names are easy to remember using the acrostic “Christ’s”:  Chris, Heidi, Rachel, Isaac, Susanna, Titus, and Seth.

Laverne Waugh


Laverne Waugh is currently serving the Lord in Zimbabwe, Africa. LaVerne and her husband, Stuart have given decades of their lives to the ministry of planting churches. The Lord has used them greatly to start numerous churches, some of which are now already replicating with indigenous church plants of their own. Stuart and Laverne labored in a challenging geopolitical landscape to train, support, and mentor the pastors, teachers, and members of the churches there in Zimbabwe. Stuart passed away in February 2021, and LaVerne is continuing the work in Zimbabwe and is serving under Independent Faith Mission.

Graham & Joanne Peacocke

Cape town, South Aftica
Graham and Joanne

Graham was born in Zimbabwe and was led to join Independent Faith Mission in 2004. In 2007, I began a ministry in Botswana, Southern Africa, together with my wife Joanne and our four children, Daniel, Joshua, Megan and Christy.
During our five years in Botswana, I planted and pastored a new church in the city of Francistown, as well as worked with and trained National Pastors in neighboring Zimbabwe. In 2012 our family made the move to Cape Town, South Africa, where I currently work and minister in various capacities in this beautiful part of the world.
My burden for the untrained pastors of Africa led me to start the Peter Project Initiative in 2019. Using the Curriculum developed by Bible Training Centre For Pastors in Atlanta, Georgia, this Initiative seeks to provide a comprehensive theological training to the untrained pastors and church leaders of Africa with the goal of strengthening and reproducing the local church.
Given my considerable ministry experience in Southern Africa, I am uniquely positioned and equipped to lead this exciting ministry initiative which aims to provide a non-formal, theological training to Africa’s untrained pastors and church leaders.

Ed & Amparo Abbott

Ed & Amparo

Ed and Amparo serve the Lord under Bread of Life Missions in Mexico.

Moises and Rosa Campos

Moises and Rosa

Moises and Rosa are Spanish nationals. They received their biblical education in the United States and then returned to Spain where Moises is a national pastor. They have served faithfully for many decades and have begun a new church-plant in the Castellar region, near Barcelona. They serve under Gospel Furthering Fellowship Missions.

Dan & Vicki Best

Appalachian Bible College
Dan & Vicki

Dan & Vicki have served at Appalachian Bible Fellowship since 2011. They are blessed with three girls, Brittany, Bridget, and Bree and were sent out as missionaries from our church, where Dan had served as an Assistant Pastor. Their greatest area of passion is “helping people grow in Christ (discipling) through Bible understanding and application”. They faithfully live that passion and serve at Appalachian Bible College.

Nathan & Katrina Britton

Kintnersville Pennsylvania
Nathan & Katrina Britton

Nathan Britton joined the staff at Haycock Camping Ministries in November of 2023 as the Director of the STAND program. Nathan is married to Katrina and they have six children: Isaac, Josiah, Adoniah, Silas, Hosanna, and Micah. Both Nathan and Katrina love the outdoors and wilderness adventures, fostered by various camp experiences throughout their lives. Nathan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Hillsdale College and a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. Before coming to Haycock, Nathan spent ten years in pastoral ministry and three years in construction. God has used Nathan’s background to grow in him a passion for discipling. Nathan loves helping young men grow in the faith, training them to use the skills and gifts God has given them in practical ways, and to be the men God desires.

Bree Best

Bree Best

Bree graduated from Appalachian Bible College in the spring of 2020. She is preparing to serve the Lord in Japan as a mid-term missionary with Fellowship International Mission. She will be serving in a local church in the Shimizu area, which is Southwest of Tokyo. Lord willing, she will be able to help the church there as they seek to disciple believers and reach the lost people in the surrounding community. She hopes to leave in September 2020 and will be serving the Lord in Japan for two years.

Dan & Suzanne Kaiser

Dan & Suzanne Kaiser

In September of 1999, Dan and Suzanne, along with their 3 young daughters, first arrived in Perugia, Italy to begin studying the Italian language and to serve the Lord as missionaries to the people of Italy under The Evangelical Alliance Mission Board.

In September of 2007, the Kaisers joined two other missionary families in the city of Trieste in a ministry of evangelism and church planting.  The summer of 2022 saw the fulfillment of this ministry endeavor, when the leadership of the local church of Trieste, Il Faro (The Lighthouse), was placed into the hands of the Italian spiritual leaders. What a day of rejoicing and thankfulness for what God had done in the city of Trieste.  We continue to pray for the Faro Church for God’s direction and leading of the church there.